We love training people, and we love seeing how our sessions help people drop lots of unwanted pounds and feel great!

Try group based personal training…

We run small group personal training sessions with participant numbers kept low so we can still offer the quality of 1-1 personal training – in terms of personalisation, programming, coaching support and accountability, but at a fraction of the normal costs.

Whilst also encapsulating the motivation, camaraderie and fun that’s involved in a group session to ensure you get everything you need to get results.

We strongly believe everyone can get results with this program. The individualised programs, workout intensity and training environment we offer pushes everyone to get better every day

How does it work?

Personal training - Membership is offered on a monthly basis (no contract or on-going commitment), members can sign-up to x8 sessions (£120) or x12 sessions (£144) during the 4 weeks.

Body composition analysis - On your first session you’ll have the option to have a full body composition assessment using our sophisticated scanning machine to record body weight, body fat and muscle percentages.

Nutrition support - We’ll provide nutrition guidance and habit-coaching so you can master your eating habits, and begin to make a change that lasts

Movement screening - We’ll also assess your movement one-on-one so we can personalise the programme based on your ability.

Our group personal training program is for anyone. It is fully personalised to YOU and YOUR goals. It really doesn’t matter how unfit or weak you deem yourself, you will fit straight in and we will help you change how you feel about yourself pretty quickly.

We have members from all walks of life, with completely different fitness levels, lifestyles and goals. But they chose us because we deliver personalised training suited to them and their lifestyle which produce results and exceeds their expectations.

Throughout September we are inviting you to come and try our group personal training coaching completely free with a 1 week membership including 2 group personal training sessions:

You’ll get:

* To try our small group Personal Training sessions - you can access up to 2 sessions over the week

* Convenient session times - We have sessions available at:

  • Monday 1pm 6pm, 7pm and 8pm

  • Tuesday 7pm

  • Wednesday 12pm 6pm, 7pm and 8pm

  • Thursday 7pm and 8pm

  • Friday 11am, 6pm

  • Saturday 9am, 10am

* In order to maintain a personalized training approach for all, places are limited and subject to availability.

The catch:

There is none! There will be no cringey sales talk during your 7 days with us, If you like Studio SE9 and want to stay we have ongoing memberships that fit most budgets, but if you just want to try the private training studio out then you are most welcome.

To apply for your 7 day pass, simply click on the button below and we will get you started!