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Thanks for your interest in trialing my Personal Training Services this month. As you know we will be working together over four sessions as part of the trial and I would like to take the opportunity to provide a brief insight into what you can expect.

Session 1 - I follow a training framework with my customers and the first session will be used to identify your current level, we will cover a selection of predefined exercises to include variations of a squat, lunge, press and pulling movements, also abs and core work to find out your starting point and where I can add the most support straight away. Shortly after I will send a small questionnaire for you to be able to provide some initial feedback, which will help me design your structured programme for the remaining 3 sessions. Please come wearing suitable clothing to exercise in and bring a bottle of water, on arrival ask for me at the main reception and I will come and collect you. You must notify me in advance of any existing injuries or health conditions that might be made worse by participating in physical exercise.

After session 2 I would like to assess your current eating habits and will send you some steps to follow in order to produce a food diary for me to review.

During session 3 we will use my body composition scales to measure your current weight, body fat and muscle mass percentages.

After session 4 I will create some nutrition recommendations for you to follow based on your goals and again ask for your feedback on the whole trial experience.

Should you be unable to attend any planned session, please notify me at your earliest convenience and ideally with a least 24 hours notice (text message or email would be best). If availability allows, I will try to re-schedule any cancelled sessions.

Thanks, Rick

Head Coach

07711 943615