This service includes:

Choose from 8 or 12 sessions per month, all of which are taken by an experienced Personal Training Coach

Nutrition and diet advice for your energy levels and appearance goals

Individually Customised Programme for your unique body. No guess work, completely bespoke coaching and a highly motivational environment that guarantee’s incredible results.

Flexible booking times - Sessions available 6 days per week (day time and evening)

Small group sessions - this means you get the best mix of hugely effective coaching and support from others on the same path


£144 per month for 12 Sessions (£12 per session)

£120 Per month for 8 Sessions (£15 per session)

Picture left is Melissa…

“Having trained 121 twice a week with Rick for 4 years now, I was interested in the option to transfer over to a small group setting as I could afford to increase my weekly sessions. However, I was slightly apprehensive about how the training would be delivered. Having Osteoarthritis in both my ankles, there are some exercises that I am unable to perform or require adaptation and with 121 training these were always effectively managed. I needn’t have been worried, my pre-planned exercise programmes are still designed with me in mind and I now continue to experience the same 121 personal training benefits whilst now also enjoying being part of a supportive, motivational and friendly group environment”



This service includes

All the benefits of Small Group Personal Training, but you'll get the individual attention, encouragement and motivation you need to help you get the results you want

100% focus on you for the whole session, dedicated coaching and support

More flexible session times


Application only, dependent on the number of regular sessions

Picture left is Yeliz…

Yeliz, a working Mum of two - achieving some great results already - well done!

"I started training at Studio SE9 less than 2 months ago and can’t believe the transformation already. I’m feeling stronger, leaner and healthier - everything I asked Rick to help me achieve and more. His instruction and guidance make me feel safe to push myself harder than I thought possible and am looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with him!"